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Towards the beginning of my blog, I posted a Part 1 and Part 2 post of “Twitterers I Follow.” I realized having 2 text heavy-posts about who I follow on Twitter was a bit much…so here is the Cliff Notes version:

@VetsNetwork is “A Twitter network for veterans and for those who support veterans,” according to their Twitter biography. They are one of the largest veterans-related Twitter users with 1,021 followers and 995 people they follow (as of posting time.)

@WeSoldierOn tackles one specific veterans-related issue, homelessness. They are a non-profit organization located in Massachusetts.

@MilitaryAvenue is a Twitterer more focused at active-duty military and their families, but veterans issues are also of interest to those currently serving, and I follow this Twitterer for the active-duty view on veterans topics.

@militarypathway, like @WeSoldierOn, also combats a specific veterans-related issue, mental health. Military Pathways provides free mental health assessments to active and inactive-duty military personnel. I follow them because their feeling towards veterans conveyed in their Twitter bio is similar to the tagline of my blog, “Not all wounds happen on the battlefield.”

@VFPNational is not a veterans-issue Twitter user, but a organization of Veterans for Peace. VFP is taking an active hand in issues effecting future generations of veterans, and their Twitter page provides a plethora of information for all interested.

@HelpUSVets‘ real name is Charles Turner from Charleston,WV and his veterans-related cause is their benefits, specifically the health care benefits being provided to wounded soldiers, with some tweets about the G.I. Bill.

@VetNetUSA is the official Twitter account for the Aurora Foundation, a foundation working specifically with student veterans attending Longwood University & McDaniel College.

@votevets is a group dedicated to 21st century patriots and veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan and other eras. VoteVets’ Twitter links to their official website, which is a information-haven for veterans issues.

@BlessRVets is a Twitter user out there to honor and support veterans by providing inspirational quotes, and links to important veteran-related news.

@usmcsupporter tweets about alot of Marine Corps and Navy-related veterans news, but provides tweets from Flickr, which no other Twitter user I follow has done yet. The photo tweets are entitled “Veteran on Flickr,” and these tweets are the reason I chose to follow this Twitter user. The tweets show the veteran, tell where he/she served and when, this feature will be valuable in reaching older veterans for interviews and commentary.

@VeteransAffairs is the official Twitter account for the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. Their tweets are links to news articles posted on the website, but I am following them for their multimedia content provided through their tweets.

On October 12, 2009, I clicked “Follow” on 3 new Twitter friends who were already following me:

@iammilitary tweets about everything military. The one thing they’re doing that I have not seen in other Twitterers I follow is they’re Tweeting about military all over the world, like the French military. One Tweet they did that I found extremely interesting was a link to an article from Wired Magazine about PTSD treatment and it’s technological advances into an online forum to help curb the stigma of PTSD.

@TheGoToSite (Real name: MilitaryConnection) tweets about veteran resources, which is beneficial because sometimes veterans may not be aware of everything that is available to them. Their bio includes the short quip “Something for everyone,” which I feel summarizes them quite well.

@TheGoodSoldier is different from all my other veteran-related Twitterers. It’s the Twitter account for a movie currently being screened in very select markets in the United States. The movie asks and answers the question, “What makes a good soldier?” I am quite intrigued and disappointed no screenings are close enough yet for me to attend a screening [as of October 9, 2009,] but as soon as I can sit myself down in front of the film, I will share my experience with all who read this blog.

@OperationPTSD is the Twitter user connected with and their mission is to bring awareness to PTSD and those afflicted with the tragic ailment. They aim to end the stigma associated with PTSD, and openly admit the two co-founders of Operation PTSD both have PTSD. They are also the amazing Twitter user behind what will be some of my biggest posts to date: the story of an Army Ranger with PTSD being forced out of the Army without an Honorable Discharge.

@RavenDrum is the official Twitter account for The Raven Drum Foundation, who was co-founded by Rick Allen, drummer for Def Leppard.  According to their Twitter bio, their mission is simple:

The mission of Raven Drum Foundation is to SERVE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER Veterans and their families.

@OpPTSD_Jason is someone I have been following on my blogroll through his blog Operation PTSD, but I did not know he had a Twitter. He is now blogging on, which he co-founded with @OpPTSD_Mac, but they have since parted ways. Jason is a United States Navy Desert Storm Veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD in 2003. Both his blog and his Twitter show PTSD is not a life-ending illness, and gives a human voice and face to a disease so many veterans are hiding because of its stigma.

@FreeMountaineer (formerly@OpPTSD_Mac) is a United States Army Veteran who Served from 1994-2004 as an M1 Tank Crewman and a UH-60 Helicopter Mechanic, according to Mac was reaching out to those suffering through his Twitter and on, since he is no longer associated with the organization, I hope he is still working to end the stigma of PTSD.

@veteransairlift advertises themselves in their Twitter bio as “free rides for vets in jets” and their background links to their organization’s blog. Veterans Airlift is a all-volunteer network that provides free transportation to veterans for “medical and other compassionate purposes,” according to their blog’s headline. They Tweet about their organization and link themselves to the organization’s official website.

@USMC is the official Twitter account for Headquarters Marine Corps. There are Tweets with a lot of multimedia content, including video clips of the latest series of Marine Corps recruitment television commercials. @USMC links to all official press releases from the Marine Corps, including the Marine Corps response to the social media ban in August, and the latest on the water study at Camp Lejeune in October. @USMC ensures its followers are also receiving content published by other news sources outside the Corps, like CNN, NBC and Chevy Salutes American Heroes contest.

@wwpinc is the official Twitter account for the Wounded Warrior Project, who is currently in the news for (as of press time) for their partnership with University of Maryland, University of South Carolina and Under Armour. The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is, according to their website, to honor and empower wounded warriors.

@PetsForPatriots is the Twitter account for Pets for Patriots, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps military members adopt adult pets. According to their Twitter bio, “We help military members honorably adopt adult shelter pets, giving both pet + person the gifts of fidelity, joy + companionship.” They Tweet about their organization, stories about pets, and link themselves to the organization’s official website and Facebook page.

@MarineCorpsNews is the Twitter account for Marine Corps News, and they Tweet about Marine Corps news 24/7. If something is happening in the news involving Marines, it’s Tweeted about by @MarineCorpsNews.

These Twitter users care about veterans and I follow them all to obtain information and insight into growing issues. In addition to these Twitter users, you can follow me @heatherbray.


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