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What is the Wounded Warrior Project?

After the games on November 14,2009 with University of Maryland and University of South Carolina wearing specially designed Under Armour camouflage uniforms for the Wounded Warrior Project, I still found myself wondering what the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) was entirely. The uniforms raised awareness, but some are still unclear of what the project does. I seek to answer those questions.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is, according to their website, to honor and empower wounded warriors.

Wounded Warrior Project logo

The WWP works to achieve their mission by offering services of Warriors at Work, which is designed to help injured veterans find employment; Operation Outreach, which is a series of videos documenting the organization’s travels around the country meeting injured warriors; and coping services, which works as a support system for those injured.

Their calendar shows the organization’s presence at a number of events across the world, including Operation Vet Fest in Los Angeles, CA., MOTORFEST 2009-Custom Bike&Carshow in El Paso, TX and  the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon Baghdad Shadow Run in Baghdad, Iraq.

The WWP’s website also hosts a social networking site for wounded warriors and their caregivers injured on or after on or after October 7, 2001 (Operation Enduring Freedom), which opens the window for communication and support from others in similar situations.

The Wounded Warrior Project makes donating easy by adding the ability to donate $5 to Wounded Warrior Project by texting ‘WWP’ to 90999 from your cell phone.

The Wounded Warrior Project can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@wwpinc).


Q&A With Steve Fink, Media Relations Director for University of South Carolina athletics

I spoke with Steve Fink, Media Relations Director for University of South Carolina athletics, before the game against Florida, and here are his thoughts on the partnership with Under Armour and the Wounded Warrior Project.

What spawned the partnership with Under Armour for the camouflage football uniforms?

We have been in a partnership with Under Armour for a few years now, as they provide our uniforms and other apparel. They approached us about this idea for the Wounded Warrior Project and we were very receptive. We are honored to be part of this event.

Will anyone from the Wounded Warrior Project be present at the game on Saturday (i.e. soldiers, or military personnel)?

Yes, we have three honorary captains at the game – Steven Diaz, a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, Dan Nevins, a staff sgt. In the U.S. Army (Ret.) and Michael G. Williams, a Tech. Sgt. In the U.S. Air Force – all of whom were wounded in the line of duty. In addition, we have given away approx. 250 tickets to the military for this game.

How does the football team feel about being one of the only two schools in the country offered this opportunity?

Here’s what was written in today’s Charleston Post & Courier:

South Carolina’s players seem to be taking seriously the opportunity Saturday to wear camouflage-splashed uniforms to help honor and support the Wounded Warrior Project.

“It’s definitely an honor for me and my teammates,” senior receiver Moe Brown said.

Brown said his uncle is retired from the Army, after stays in Iraq and Afghanistan. His brother, Martez, is in the Navy’s reserve program. [read more]

Are any football players on the team veterans themselves?

Deep snapper Matthew Grooms joined the Gamecocks after serving as a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years as a mechanic, included a six-month stint in Iraq. Grooms, 26, is the oldest player on the squad. Walk-on freshman linebacker Matthew Ansley, a member of the Army Reserves, spent 18 months in Iraq, working as a gunner for convoy security and route clearance.

Is this partnership something you feel should continue every season and be expanded into other sports?

Certainly something we would consider.

Steve Fink, Media Relations Director for University of South Carolina athletics

What don’t we know about veterans?

The Huffington Post posted “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Veterans (And How You Can Support Them)“, and it made me wonder what else the world (and myself) don’t know about veterans.

Personally I didn’t know the following:

  • The Veterans Act prohibits firing a veteran from employment due to the presence of a temper (my boyfriend shared that with me)
  • It’s considered proper to say “Happy Birthday” to a Marine on the Marine Corps birthday (NCIS taught me that)
  • Some veterans do not want to be thanked for their service (this post on Veterans For Peace taught me that)

What didn’t you know about veterans that you’ve learned? Share with me.

Veterans Day 2009!

Happy Veterans Day 2009!

These past few weeks have been the busiest week for me as a milblogger, but here is a list of everything I’ve posted related to Veterans Day 2009!

Do you all think O.A.R. met their goal of 111,111 pledges?

This video was posted to Harley Davidson’s YouTube account thanking veterans for their service:

Kiss Supports Wounded Warriors

The rock band Kiss cannot be described by any other word than everywhere. I have never been a huge fan except for the occasional “Rock and Roll All Night” on my iPod, but my boyfriend’s father is obsessed so I hear a lot about them.

Special-edition Kiss Army t-shirt to benefit Wounded Warrior Care Project sold at Augusta, GA concert

I’ve begun paying more attention to the makeup and leather covered rockers when I came across a post from the Augusta Chronicle about their visit to a V.A. medical center.

A search of the news archive on Kiss’ website and Twitter feed (@kissofficial) produced a plethora of material about what the band is doing to support wounded soldiers.

After their visit to the Augusta-area V.A. medical center, Kiss brought some of the wounded soldiers to the concert as special guests, and Kiss donated the proceeds from the sale of  special edition t-shirt to Wounded Warrior Care Project.

There has been no news of planned future visits to other V.A. medical centers in other areas of the country, but I think this shirt should be available for purchase on their website so Kiss fans around the world can support their favorite band and wounded warriors.

A fan letter was posted on the Kiss website, and an excerpt touched my heart:

It was a great pleasure to get to meet members of my favorite band and chat with them for a few minutes. But, what was even more awesome was to see how they interacted with people who put their lives on the line for our freedom. You could tell, KISS were the ones who were honored to be there and spend time with those special veterans.

A video of Kiss’ visit to the Norwood VA Center is posted below:

November is Harley Davidson Military Appreciation Month

I live near a Harley Davidson dealership, and my father is a proud owner of a Harley Davidson, but I never knew November was Military Appreciation Month.


One of the wallpapers available for download at http://contest.maxim.com/contest/salutes/index.html (image links to site)

On their website for Military Appreciation Month, Harley Davidson allows users to submit statements of thanks for veterans. On an external website, there are free downloads of wallpapers featuring Victoria Secret model Marisa Miller posing in retro pin-up style with Harley Davidson motorcycles, and an opportunity for both past and present service members to enter a contest to win a Harley Davidson motorcycled delivered by Marisa Miller.

In addition to the online goodies, visit your local Harley Davidson dealership to pick up the following free items featuring Marisa Miller:

  • Calendars exclusively for U.S. Active Military and Veterans with valid identification, available starting Nov 11th.
  • Posters and postcards for everyone, available starting Nov 1st

Harley Davidson has always been considered the all-American motorcycle, and I’m happy to see the company using their influence and popularity to support the troops. They have always been my motorcycle of choice, and now I’m even more proud to say I choose to ride Harley because they, like me, support the troops.

Twitter Tuesday: @veteransairlift

Drumroll please…it’s Twitter Tuesday!

Today’s Twitter Tuesday user: @veteransairlift

@veteransairlift advertises themselves in their Twitter bio as “free rides for vets in jets” and their background links to their organization’s blog. Veterans Airlift is a all-volunteer network that provides free transportation to veterans for “medical and other compassionate purposes,” according to their blog’s headline. They Tweet about their organization and link themselves to the organization’s official website.

@veteransairlift and every other Twitter Tuesday user I showcase can easily be found on the Twitterers I Follow page of my blog.

Add this user to your Twitter followers, and like always, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @heatherbray. I’d love to hear from you. Happy Twittering!