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Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps

Today is the United States Marine Corps’ 234th birthday!

On the official website for the 2009 Birthday Ball statements from the Commander of the USMC, and General Lejeune (whom Camp Lejeune in North Carolina is named for,) along with this birthday video:

The United States Marine Corps Band is offering traditional birthday ball music for download on their website.

If you see any Marines or know anyone who served in the Corps…tell them Happy Birthday. It’s a important day.


Twitter Tuesday: @USMC

Drumroll please…it’s Twitter Tuesday!

And today’s Twitter user is also celebrating it’s birthday today: @USMC

@USMC is the official Twitter account for Headquarters Marine Corps. There are Tweets with a lot of multimedia content, including video clips of the latest series of Marine Corps recruitment television commercials. @USMC links to all official press releases from the Marine Corps, including the Marine Corps response to the social media ban in August, and the latest on the water study at Camp Lejeune in October. @USMC ensures its followers are also receiving content published by other news sources outside the Corps, like CNN, NBC and Chevy Salutes American Heroes contest.

@USMC and every other Twitter Tuesday user I showcase can easily be found on the Twitterers I Follow page of my blog.

Add this user to your Twitter followers, and like always, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @heatherbray. I’d love to hear from you. Happy Twittering!

Getting to know: Real Life As a Marine Wife Part 3

From what I read in your blog, you and your family are stationed in Germany. How does the German public’s treatment of the United States military compare with the American public’s treatment of our military?

The Germans LOVE President Obama, but I’ve only been here five months so I haven’t formed an opinion yet about how our host nation treats the military.

From the perspective of a Marine wife, do you feel the news coverage of the war in the Middle East isn’t being 100% truthful with the public?

No. The media is trying to keep it clean, and war isn’t clean. It’s dirty and ugly and bloody, but America doesn’t have the stomach for that, so the media doesn’t cover it. There should be a deployed service member or Wounded Warrior profiled three nights a week on the national news.

The Marine Corps recently enacted a ban on dogs with aggressive temperaments from Camp Pendleton, Lejeune and other Marine bases. How would you and your family handle this situation if you were living on base?

Actually I’m not an animal lover, and I think this is a good idea. The housing is too close together and there are way too many unsupervised kids running around to take chances. If people want a big and/or scary dog, they should live off base. Plus a lot of pets get abandoned when people PCS, or they bring a pet overseas, not realizing that housing and open space may be totally inadequate for a large animal. It’s unfair to the pet.

Are you and your husband encouraging your children to join the military or are you attempting to steer them towards a civilian career? Why or why not?

My oldest son is a senior in high school and we support his desire to serve in the military, but would prefer he enter as an officer, after college, rather than enlist.

More Q&A’s to come in the future with more from my blogroll, but in the mean time read Part 1, Part 2, and Tracy’s blog , Real Life as a Marine Wife.

Getting to know: Real Life As a Marine Wife Part 2

You’ve been posting a lot recently about the Homeowners’ Assistance Program, have there been other issues you’ve been as passionate about in the past that received a lot of posts?

The Homeowners’ Assistance Program was the one that really set me off, that wasn’t just a personal gripe but affected a huge number of people. Most of the other service-related irritants I’ve learned to deal with, or laugh through, during the last 19 years. Now that I have something of an audience, I think a lot of things I’ve gotten used to will be addressed, for the benefit of those who haven’t been doing this for 19 years and haven’t gotten used to it.

What current issue (other than the Homeowners’ Assistance Program) do you believe needs immediate action from the government?

Purple Heart medals for traumatic brain injuries, fewer deployments and longer stretches at home between deployments.

Do you feel veterans are receiving the respect and treatment they deserve from the country they fought for?

Hell no.  Because the media sanitizes everything, America has very little idea of what military life is  really like, and consequently has little motivation to support and continue to support the troops. America needs to be outraged to action, like it was after 9/11, and instead it’s largely oblivious and indifferent.

Look for Part 2 & 3 to come, but in the mean time read Part 1, and Tracy’s blog , Real Life as a Marine Wife.

Getting to know: Real Life As a Marine Wife Part 1

Tracy Moulton Peterson is the author of Real Life As a Marine Wife, a blog who’s headline describes it as:

Active-duty officer’s spouse tells the truth, without sugar-coating or censoring. What it’s really like in the all-volunteer Marine Corps these days for one family.

I have been reading Tracy’s blog and on October 2, 2009, Tracy promoted It’s a Veteran’s World on her blog. I got the chance to talk with Tracy via e-mail and this post is 1 of 3 to result.

How long have you been involved in military life, and what is your/your family’s background?

I enlisted in the Air Force in 1990. My first (failed) marriage was to an enlisted Marine.  My husband of 10 years is a Marine officer. Apparently I’m a sucker for the uniform.

What advice would you give to new military wives/girlfriends?

1) Don’t have children right away. Wait  a few years, a deployment, and a PCS move, so you know if you can handle the hardships of military life yourself, before you try to handle them with a child or two. A baby complicates your already-complicated life to a degree you can’t imagine.

2) Find a shoulder to cry on when you need to, and then continue to march.

3) Go to school, start and/or finish your college degree, get a job. It’s essential to have your own “thing.” Keep up with current events, read the newspaper. When things go wrong in the world, it can (and often does) end up affecting you.

How do you feel the Marine Corps varies from other branches of the armed forces?

I think Marines have more discipline than soldiers, sailors, and airmen. They certainly have to work a lot harder to attain the title, and they truly are the few and the proud. Marine for Life/Once A Marine, Always A Marine is true.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 to come in the future. In the meantime, read Tracy’s blog at Real Life as a Marine Wife

Marine Day at FedEx Field

Today is Marine Day at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, home to the Washington Redskins.

Marine Day 2008 at Fedex Field (Photo from: https://www.marines.usmc.mil/redskins.html)

Marine Day 2008 at Fedex Field (Photo from: https://www.marines.usmc.mil/redskins.html)

According to the Marine Corps website:

The 2d Marine Aircraft Wing Band will perform at the Washington Redskins football game on October 18th at 1pm. The band will perform patriotic selections for the pre-game ceremony as well as the halftime show.

While I do not fancy myself a Redskins fan, rather a Baltimore Ravens fan, I support the Redskins in their efforts to honor the Marine Corps (a branch I hold close to my heart.)

I won’t be able to see the halftime performance because Baltimore is playing today and the local networks don’t broadcast Redskins games. Did anyone see the Marine Corps band play during halftime? I want to hear your thoughts.

Imposter veteran in Colorado

The Stolen Valor Act makes it a crime to impersonate military personnel, and falsely claim military medals or honors.

A link from @USMCsupporter showed up on my Twitter feed, and answered the very question I posted to my readers on my last blog post:

Has anyone heard of this happening in the United States?

Rick Strandlof was arrested by the FBI for violating this act by claiming he was a a Marine captain and Iraq war veteran, Examiner.com reports, but was doing a lot of work in support of veterans and veterans issues:

The man arrested was Rick Strandlof, who, under the name Rick Duncan, founded the Colorado Veterans Alliance, and was known in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas for his advocacy of veterans issues.

The saddest part of this arrest is the suspect has been doing work in support of veterans and veterans issues.

The article stated Strandoff had a history of psychiatric problems, but does not elaborate on the actual illness.

This is a sad situation, and while I find it offensive he claimed to be both a Marine, and a war veteran, I applaud the work he has done for veterans issues.