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Celebrating 1,000 Hits and Counting

Today I reached 1,000 hits on this blog.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting on the content I post.

Some of my favorite posts have come very recently:

What would you all like to see on this blog in the future? What content you would (the readers) like covered? What am I doing well or not so well? I want feedback from you all, positive or negative.


O.A.R Says Support The Troops With Open Up Your Arms Campaign

In one of his recent posts on HuffingtonPost.com; Paul Rieckhoff, Exec. Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), mirrored the sediment I recently posted about of veterans not receiving the media coverage and attention from Americans they deserve.

Rieckhoff also blogged about a partnership between the IAVA and O.A.R., a popular alternative rock band, to help create awareness/support for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. O.A.R. launched the website, www.OpenUpYourArms.org, featuring a new music video for their song, “War Song,” which was written by the band after a USO trip overseas.

The website doesn’t ask for donations from the public, but for individuals to sign an online pledge.

As the war in Afghanistan enters its eighth year, we are reminded more than ever of the tremendous sacrifices that our troops, veterans, and their families have made and continue to make for our country. Every American has an obligation to support these men and women, and they can begin by joining the Open Up Your Arms Campaign.

Many popular music acts have done USO tours to perform for the troops, and have been verbal about their support of the troops, but www.OpenUpYourArms.org is one of the first instances of a rock band supporting the troops I can recall. I have been a fan of O.A.R. for their music for some time, but now I am proud to say I support an artist who supports the troops.

The band’s goal is to reach 111,111 signatures by Veteran’s Day on November 11th.

I took the online pledge to support the men and women in uniform and was number 18,642. Have you? What number were you?

The band’s goal is to reach 111,111 signatures by Veteran’s Day on November 11th.

O.A.R. “War Song”

The video for the Open Up Your Arms campaign by O.A.R. and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA):

“War Song” by O.A.R. from IAVA on Vimeo.