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Chevy Salutes America’s Heroes…

Chevrolet’s trademark slogan has been “The Heartbeat of America” for as long as I can remember, and they have always upheld that classic American feel with their products, service, and image.

A few days ago a Tweet from the United States Marine Corps official Twitter account caught my eye about a new contest Chevy is holding:

Only one Marine has been nominated as Chevys American hero, GySgt James Biggs. Support him by voting at http://bit.ly/14Wl1V

The link led me to be greeted by this video featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon, two of Nascar’s most-popular, and well-known drivers:

Chevy is the only car company I have seen showing their support for the troops in such a large way. with both their Military Discount Program, and they’re giving military personnel a huge voice by sharing their stories on the Chevy Salutes American Heroes website, and it makes me quite proud.

The five finalists in the Chevy Salutes American Heroes website are:

  1. Gunnery Sergeant James Biggs, USMC
  2. Master Sergeant Bubba Beason, Air Force
  3. Kurt Brunsman, Fire Department at Selfridge Air National Guard Base
  4. Sergeant Karen Nolan, Kentucky National Guard
  5. Seregeant Matthew Landis, National Guard

Who will you be voting for at the Chevy Salutes American Heroes website?


Military Discounts…do veterans have the same rights as active duty?

#MilitaryDiscount is a hashtag topic I’ve seen popping up a lot in my Twitter feed, thanks to @MilitaryAvenue, who has been Tweeting a lot recently about places offering military discounts. While reading Tweets like “Mil family owned garage offers #MilitaryDiscount at Selfridge ANGB 10% off repairs!”, I began to think about what I’ve been seeing in my own life.

Many places are advertising military discounts, but fail to mention fine print about a requirement of active-duty.

I threw this Tweet out this morning  in reply to one of @MilitaryAvenue’s Tweets, “@MilitaryAvenue Are you finding these military discounts apply to veterans as well as active-duty?

The @reply Tweet from @MilitaryAvenue was “@HeatherBray A Partner creates an ad for Active Duty only or to include Vets. A lot of them r reaching out to the veterans (Rightfully so!)

The saying in the Marine Corps is “Once a Marine, Always a Marine,” and it’s a shame establishments feel you’re no longer military once you retire or are discharged.

It is a good thing establishments are reaching out to veterans for military discounts, but I leave you with this final thought, which was also my @reply to @MilitaryAvenue…”It’s good they’re reaching out to vets, but do you think they’re excluding vets by only allowing active duty discounts?

This topic is one I have yet to fully finish and delve into, but I consider this post the jumping off point for a much larger story.

I’d love to hear what you all think/feel about this topic.