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Food For Thought: Vampires’ Importance Over Foot Hood

Cue music…it’s Food for Thought Friday!

The top searches on Yahoo.com are are followed:

1. New Moon
2. Oprah
3. Tim Lincecum
4. Oasis of the Seas
5. Susan Boyle
6. Kate Moss
7. Nicolas Cage
8. Fort Hood
9. Project Runway
10. Oklahoma State Football

How did this country reach a point where a vampire movie and celebrities are more important to people than the military?

Just some food for thought.


Food For Thought: Obama says decision soon for troops in Afghanistan

Cue music…it’s Food for Thought Friday!

The front page of Yahoo.com features this headline: Obama: Decision soon on troops for Afghanistan.

The article was quite vague about what Obama is decisding about Afghanistan, but about 3/4 down the article it became clearer:

On Afghanistan, Obama said he was not waiting for any new information. Rather, he said, he wants to be sure he strikes the right balance before committing more U.S. troops and billions of dollars to the 8-year-old conflict.

He didn’t say he is sending more troops, but he didn’t say he is withdrawing the ones currently in combat.

I remember over the summer Obama announced his Iraq withdrawl plan, then subsequently announced his plan to send thousands more troops into Afghanistan.

Obama isn’t sure what he’s doing in Afghanistan, and I want to know how that Iraq withdrawl plan is progressing.

Will this war ever come to an end? Will the United States government be clear on any decisions about out troops?

Just some food for thought.

Celebrating 1,000 Hits and Counting

Today I reached 1,000 hits on this blog.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting on the content I post.

Some of my favorite posts have come very recently:

What would you all like to see on this blog in the future? What content you would (the readers) like covered? What am I doing well or not so well? I want feedback from you all, positive or negative.

Food For Thought: Shipping Unused Halloween Candy to Troops

This Friday’s Food For Thought is geared towards Halloween.

I saw this Tweet by @veteransairlift:

Are you wondering what to do with all that LEFTOVER Halloween candy? ANSWER! Soldiers’ Angels will ship it to the… http://bit.ly/1pDYyd

Soldiers’ Angels is shipping donated, unused Halloween candy to troops overseas. There are two address which to mail your unused Halloween candy to and they are:

If you live eastof the Mississippi, please ship your halloween candy to:
Soldiers’ Angels 112 Greenhill Road
Ramseur NC 27316
(Dropoff avail. M-F, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

If you live west of the Mississippi, please ship your halloween candy to:
Soldiers’ Angels
914 Tourmaline Dr
Newbury Park, CA 91320

In Baltimore there is a dentist buying Halloween candy from kids, and mailing it to troops overseas as party of a national program called Halloween Candy Buy Back. I saw that story on BaltimoreSun.com, and I am proud of this story because I am a Baltimore-native and proud of my city.

What do you call think of mailing your unused Halloween candy to the troops?

It’s something to think about if you have a child with allergies who cannot eat half their Halloween loot.

Introducing…Food For Thought Fridays

Cue music…it’s Food For Thought Friday!

This is a new type of post being added to the blog. Every Friday I will post a quote, Tweet, statistic, news article topic…anything that gets me thinking and I feel lends it self to a greater topic and/or discussion.

This Friday’s food for thought:

@SupportUSForces Tweeted:

Today in 1917 – The 1st Infantry division, “Big Red One,” fired the 1st US shot in WW I.

If that shot was never fired, do you think it could have changed the course of history?

Just some food for thought.

Introducing a new type of blog post

I am introducing a new type of post called “Food For Thought,” where I will post interesting statistics, Tweets, quotes…etc.

Would it be better as Food For Thought Thursdays or Food For Thought Fridays?

Let me know 🙂