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Brothers – In Theaters Friday, December 4, 2009

Few movies have caught my eye recently, but “Brothers,” starring Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal, won my attention. This movie features Jake Gyllenhaal on the civilian side of a military family, opposite his role in “Jarhead.” According to LionsGate’s YouTube page the movie:

tells the compelling tale of how two brothers come to terms with issues of love, loyalty, and manhood—and with the woman caught between them.

Here is the most recent trailer for the movie:

I plan to see the movie after it’s released and will share my thoughts.


Veterans Day 2009!

Happy Veterans Day 2009!

These past few weeks have been the busiest week for me as a milblogger, but here is a list of everything I’ve posted related to Veterans Day 2009!

Do you all think O.A.R. met their goal of 111,111 pledges?

This video was posted to Harley Davidson’s YouTube account thanking veterans for their service:

Kiss Supports Wounded Warriors

The rock band Kiss cannot be described by any other word than everywhere. I have never been a huge fan except for the occasional “Rock and Roll All Night” on my iPod, but my boyfriend’s father is obsessed so I hear a lot about them.

Special-edition Kiss Army t-shirt to benefit Wounded Warrior Care Project sold at Augusta, GA concert

I’ve begun paying more attention to the makeup and leather covered rockers when I came across a post from the Augusta Chronicle about their visit to a V.A. medical center.

A search of the news archive on Kiss’ website and Twitter feed (@kissofficial) produced a plethora of material about what the band is doing to support wounded soldiers.

After their visit to the Augusta-area V.A. medical center, Kiss brought some of the wounded soldiers to the concert as special guests, and Kiss donated the proceeds from the sale of  special edition t-shirt to Wounded Warrior Care Project.

There has been no news of planned future visits to other V.A. medical centers in other areas of the country, but I think this shirt should be available for purchase on their website so Kiss fans around the world can support their favorite band and wounded warriors.

A fan letter was posted on the Kiss website, and an excerpt touched my heart:

It was a great pleasure to get to meet members of my favorite band and chat with them for a few minutes. But, what was even more awesome was to see how they interacted with people who put their lives on the line for our freedom. You could tell, KISS were the ones who were honored to be there and spend time with those special veterans.

A video of Kiss’ visit to the Norwood VA Center is posted below:

O.A.R. “War Song”

The video for the Open Up Your Arms campaign by O.A.R. and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA):

“War Song” by O.A.R. from IAVA on Vimeo.

Chevy Salutes America’s Heroes…

Chevrolet’s trademark slogan has been “The Heartbeat of America” for as long as I can remember, and they have always upheld that classic American feel with their products, service, and image.

A few days ago a Tweet from the United States Marine Corps official Twitter account caught my eye about a new contest Chevy is holding:

Only one Marine has been nominated as Chevys American hero, GySgt James Biggs. Support him by voting at

The link led me to be greeted by this video featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon, two of Nascar’s most-popular, and well-known drivers:

Chevy is the only car company I have seen showing their support for the troops in such a large way. with both their Military Discount Program, and they’re giving military personnel a huge voice by sharing their stories on the Chevy Salutes American Heroes website, and it makes me quite proud.

The five finalists in the Chevy Salutes American Heroes website are:

  1. Gunnery Sergeant James Biggs, USMC
  2. Master Sergeant Bubba Beason, Air Force
  3. Kurt Brunsman, Fire Department at Selfridge Air National Guard Base
  4. Sergeant Karen Nolan, Kentucky National Guard
  5. Seregeant Matthew Landis, National Guard

Who will you be voting for at the Chevy Salutes American Heroes website?