Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heather Wiegand and over the course of the past year, I have had the pleasure of dating a U.S Marine. On December 31st, he was honorably discharged into civilian life after serving over 4 years in the Corps, including 29 total months on deployments to Iraq. It’s been a battle for him to become acclimated to a life where veterans do not receive the respect they deserve and often his service to this country is overlooked for petty reasons.

My blog idea is to shed light on a veteran’s life post-military that is far from the vision they were given by their recruiter. A life where they’re being denied G.I. Bill benefits, denied a Honorable Discharge with little to no explanation from their C.O., disrespected/harassed/assaulted by anti-war protesters, and unable to achieve a positive quality of life post-discharge because they continue to suffer from post-deployment psychological effects because the VA is underfunding mental health services.

I feel I might expand the topic to not “post-military,” but “post-full time active duty” because there are plenty of veterans serving in reserves. I am also toying with the idea of making this blog a Marine Corps-specific blog considering my experience with USMC. There are websites about “the benefits of military”, and discussion boards about life post-military, but I have hard a hard time finding blogs about the struggles these men and women are going through after they are discharged.

One of my goals I hope to accomplish with this blog is to create a community of veterans, active-duty, military girlfriends, boyfriends, brothers, sisters, parents, friends…anyone who has a veteran they care about in their lives. I see what veterans go through once they leave the military, and I don’t feel they are being treated justly when compared with everything they’ve accomplished for this country.

On Friday, October 2, 2009, a fellow blogger plugged me on her site, Real Life As a Marine Wife.

Tracy Moulton Peterson called me a “like-minded blogger” and summarized my blog’s content as “more no-holds-barred discussion of military quality-of-life issues, from a post-discharge perspective.” This summary captured exactly what I am trying to accomplish and makes me proud that people, if even slowly, are beginning to recognize and promote my mission.

This blog is an experiment for a Writing For New Media college course in Baltimore, Maryland, and I assure my audience this topic was chosen because it is one I am passionate about, and one I have first hand experience living through my relationship with a U.S. Marine. Once a military girlfriend, always a military girlfriend.

To all veterans, living and those who have gone to protect us from above…I salute you.


3 responses to “About/Purpose

  1. Did your boyfriend NOT get an honorable? Does he need help trying to upgrade his discharge? We can help with that perhaps. Email me at the address I used here if you need some help.

    Either way, my best to you in your blogging future!
    -Mothax, The American Legion

  2. My boyfriend did receive his Honorable Discharge, but we appreciate your assistance. Thanks 🙂

  3. Jim Sleter (Cruiseman)

    As a Vietnam / Cold War Veteran I know what you are saying. I will say this to your Marine.
    Welcome Home!
    There are lots of vets to help and to chat with and speak with. Just look around carefully. Some are out to see what’s in it for them. I know what’s in it for me. The good feeling I get whenever I see a Military Uniform or a Veteran and I can say “Thank you for your service.”
    Good Night from PA.

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