Terrorism in Modern Warfare 2 – Too Much, Too Far, Too Soon?

Still from the controversial airport terrorism level of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Still from the terrorist scene in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is on the receiving end of controversy due to their level depicting terrorism in an airport.

In the beginning of the game, the user is warned of a “disturbing, graphic” level, but that’s only after you’ve opened the packaging and began playing the game. If you’re offended, you can’t return the game due to store policies, so you’re stuck with a game you find appalling.

My boyfriend purchased the game and when I saw the terrorism level, where innocent airport patrons are gunned down like sitting ducks, I was shocked and cannot believe the creators chose to include that story line, especially due to this country’s sensitivity to terrorism in our airports after 9/11.

On the topic of veterans, I feel the aforementioned level of the game is a smack in the face to everyone who was/is a victim of terrorism, and every member of the Armed Forces who fought and fight to ensure this country doesn’t experience terrorism in our country. I do not have a problem with the game as a hole because it’s a fairly realistic representation of a combat environment, but the graphic depiction of terrorism is, in my opinion, in bad taste.

Is it too soon to include this storyline in entertainment?

Should there be more obvious outside packaging warning gamers of the storyline’s content?

Who has played the game?

What does everyone think of the game so far?


4 responses to “Terrorism in Modern Warfare 2 – Too Much, Too Far, Too Soon?

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  2. The level was included for many reasons.
    1. This in game attack is what spurns the rest of the story.
    2. In order to give the player a better understanding of such things.

    Personally, I didn’t mind it, as I find it to be nothing more than another level.

  3. Yeah, the level isn’t like you’re dropped in there as a terrorist for shits and gigs and told to kill civilians. They explain to you well that there is a very very evil man named Marakov, and you’re a CIA agent who has to bring him down from the inside. But in order to get him from the inside, you need to be on the inside. Ergo, you join him in shooting up an airport.

    Also, I believe that most gamers who have played past COD games, other war games, and GTA-type games have gotten used to the fact that even though they may look like people, and often have been given human-like emotions and characteristics, they’re just polygons on a machine, and if you have to kill them, you have to kill them. It doesn’t mean any of us are gonna shoot an airport up or pick up a prostitute and then kill them to get our money back. We do it in games because we can differentiate between game and reality. I know that’s not what you’re arguing, and I’m not saying you’re too stupid to make the distinction between game and reality, but gamers are just used to it. I don’t believe you’ve played many war games or GTA type games, so you probably aren’t used to having to make such a distinction.

  4. Yeah, that level is not supposed to be entertaining. Its supposed to be quote (quote from the story writer) “upsetting, disturbing”.

    The level is a risky move they made creatively to give the player more of a reality check of what can happen in the real world, how serious war situations actually are, and what the world has to deal with. The creators obviously know people are affected by the events of 9/11, I would say the creators are as well, but its a disturbing reality that can start wars, as it starts a war in call of duty.

    When I was playing the game I was having lots of fun, but when that level came up, me and my brother were disturbed.. I actually said “the terrible thing about this level, is you could probably choose not to shoot anyone and just walk with the bad guys, but I’m shooting people anyway?”… It disturbed me, and I learned a lesson and got a reality check of how evil the world can be, but that’s the point from the creators, they are not trying to make terrorism fun, they are displaying war and conflict, giving the player a sense of how serious what they are playing really is, I agree its offensive and bold, but I think the fact that’s its already made and put out on the market, it gives the game a boost of reality that gives people more respect from a shocking level that hits the heart. A lot of things relate back to 9/11 now, its a very sensitive area, and it always will be a sensitive subject. The writer says people who create games for a living shouldn’t be limited to what they make, as long as it has some sort of point they can work with. In this case its the base of starting an entire war, which shows how much of a serious matter it is. Sorry for writing such a long post, but its an offensefull gross piece of work.. And I think people have respect for what it represents. I don’t think its too soon compared to 9/11 which was nearly a decade ago because terrorism will always happen, but I do think people have to respect 9/11 forever because of the rediculous tragedy it was.

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