Food For Thought: Obama says decision soon for troops in Afghanistan

Cue music…it’s Food for Thought Friday!

The front page of features this headline: Obama: Decision soon on troops for Afghanistan.

The article was quite vague about what Obama is decisding about Afghanistan, but about 3/4 down the article it became clearer:

On Afghanistan, Obama said he was not waiting for any new information. Rather, he said, he wants to be sure he strikes the right balance before committing more U.S. troops and billions of dollars to the 8-year-old conflict.

He didn’t say he is sending more troops, but he didn’t say he is withdrawing the ones currently in combat.

I remember over the summer Obama announced his Iraq withdrawl plan, then subsequently announced his plan to send thousands more troops into Afghanistan.

Obama isn’t sure what he’s doing in Afghanistan, and I want to know how that Iraq withdrawl plan is progressing.

Will this war ever come to an end? Will the United States government be clear on any decisions about out troops?

Just some food for thought.


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