Veterans Day 2009 – Thanking a Veteran

As had been said many times before, freedom isn’t free. Men and women around the world fight everyday for the freedoms we enjoy in America.

November 11 is the one day they’re recognized on a national level.

Please do your part today to recognize Veterans Day, even if it’s a moment of silence on your lunch break reflecting on what life would be like had the armed forces not protected this country from so many enemy forces throughout history. posted a list of 101 Ways to Thank a Veteran:

1. Send a message of support on the “Thank the Troops Message Form” at

6. Send an ‘E-Card’ through the American Legion to the Veterans in your life that use email.

8. Military-member at the same restaurant as you? Send them a drink or pay for their dessert.

9. Is there a disabled veteran in your neighborhood? Help with the raking of his leaves or shoveling her driveway.

79. Take the time to read 101 Ways to Say Thank you to a Military Spouse. Thanking the Spouse is a Thank You to the Veteran.

Some of the 101 things posted are as simple as sending an e-mail, or making a phone call to someone you know who has a loved one in combat.

What have you done to recognize Veterans Day this year?


2 responses to “Veterans Day 2009 – Thanking a Veteran

  1. Thank you for mentioning our “101 Ways to Thank a Veteran”. Our team at MilitaryAvenue is made up of veterans and family as well. (I am the spouse of a soldier and an Air Force ‘Brat’) From the deepest parts of my heart I say “Thank You!” to all of our Veterans.

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