Getting to know: Real Life As a Marine Wife Part 3

From what I read in your blog, you and your family are stationed in Germany. How does the German public’s treatment of the United States military compare with the American public’s treatment of our military?

The Germans LOVE President Obama, but I’ve only been here five months so I haven’t formed an opinion yet about how our host nation treats the military.

From the perspective of a Marine wife, do you feel the news coverage of the war in the Middle East isn’t being 100% truthful with the public?

No. The media is trying to keep it clean, and war isn’t clean. It’s dirty and ugly and bloody, but America doesn’t have the stomach for that, so the media doesn’t cover it. There should be a deployed service member or Wounded Warrior profiled three nights a week on the national news.

The Marine Corps recently enacted a ban on dogs with aggressive temperaments from Camp Pendleton, Lejeune and other Marine bases. How would you and your family handle this situation if you were living on base?

Actually I’m not an animal lover, and I think this is a good idea. The housing is too close together and there are way too many unsupervised kids running around to take chances. If people want a big and/or scary dog, they should live off base. Plus a lot of pets get abandoned when people PCS, or they bring a pet overseas, not realizing that housing and open space may be totally inadequate for a large animal. It’s unfair to the pet.

Are you and your husband encouraging your children to join the military or are you attempting to steer them towards a civilian career? Why or why not?

My oldest son is a senior in high school and we support his desire to serve in the military, but would prefer he enter as an officer, after college, rather than enlist.

More Q&A’s to come in the future with more from my blogroll, but in the mean time read Part 1, Part 2, and Tracy’s blog , Real Life as a Marine Wife.


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