OperationPTSD: Where Are They Now?

Like many things, OperationPTSD.org was over before it could really flourish. Earlier in the week, OperationPTSD.org closed down the site with a final post by Mac stating irreconcilable differences between him and @OpPTSD_Jason as the cause for the split.

So where are they now?

@OpPTSD_Jason is working on a new PTSD project: OperationPTSD.com, a multi user interface that allows users to register and contribute to the content posted on the site. There is a chat/discussion forum and I think that is an amazing idea because it allows those afflicted to talk to those who support. The site is in it’s beginning stages right now and is scheduled to go completely live on Veterans Day, according to Jason’s Twitter.

@OpPTSD_Mac is now @FreeMountaineer and has taken on a new project: ghosts. Mac and his wife are currently working on hillbillyhauntings.com. From what I’ve been told by Mac, I may be doing some guest blogging, which is exciting for me to branch out into another topic and audience. If you have experience with ghosts, or know someone who has, please follow Mac on Twitter @FreeMountaineer and send him a message.

I will be making my account on OperationPTSD.com later this week so look for me on the site blogging about the same topics I cover on this blog.

Have you created your account on OperationPTSD.com yet? Why or why not?

How do you all feel about OperationPTSD.org’s split?


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