Getting to know: Real Life As a Marine Wife Part 2

You’ve been posting a lot recently about the Homeowners’ Assistance Program, have there been other issues you’ve been as passionate about in the past that received a lot of posts?

The Homeowners’ Assistance Program was the one that really set me off, that wasn’t just a personal gripe but affected a huge number of people. Most of the other service-related irritants I’ve learned to deal with, or laugh through, during the last 19 years. Now that I have something of an audience, I think a lot of things I’ve gotten used to will be addressed, for the benefit of those who haven’t been doing this for 19 years and haven’t gotten used to it.

What current issue (other than the Homeowners’ Assistance Program) do you believe needs immediate action from the government?

Purple Heart medals for traumatic brain injuries, fewer deployments and longer stretches at home between deployments.

Do you feel veterans are receiving the respect and treatment they deserve from the country they fought for?

Hell no.  Because the media sanitizes everything, America has very little idea of what military life is  really like, and consequently has little motivation to support and continue to support the troops. America needs to be outraged to action, like it was after 9/11, and instead it’s largely oblivious and indifferent.

Look for Part 2 & 3 to come, but in the mean time read Part 1, and Tracy’s blog , Real Life as a Marine Wife.


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