Getting to know: Real Life As a Marine Wife Part 1

Tracy Moulton Peterson is the author of Real Life As a Marine Wife, a blog who’s headline describes it as:

Active-duty officer’s spouse tells the truth, without sugar-coating or censoring. What it’s really like in the all-volunteer Marine Corps these days for one family.

I have been reading Tracy’s blog and on October 2, 2009, Tracy promoted It’s a Veteran’s World on her blog. I got the chance to talk with Tracy via e-mail and this post is 1 of 3 to result.

How long have you been involved in military life, and what is your/your family’s background?

I enlisted in the Air Force in 1990. My first (failed) marriage was to an enlisted Marine.  My husband of 10 years is a Marine officer. Apparently I’m a sucker for the uniform.

What advice would you give to new military wives/girlfriends?

1) Don’t have children right away. Wait  a few years, a deployment, and a PCS move, so you know if you can handle the hardships of military life yourself, before you try to handle them with a child or two. A baby complicates your already-complicated life to a degree you can’t imagine.

2) Find a shoulder to cry on when you need to, and then continue to march.

3) Go to school, start and/or finish your college degree, get a job. It’s essential to have your own “thing.” Keep up with current events, read the newspaper. When things go wrong in the world, it can (and often does) end up affecting you.

How do you feel the Marine Corps varies from other branches of the armed forces?

I think Marines have more discipline than soldiers, sailors, and airmen. They certainly have to work a lot harder to attain the title, and they truly are the few and the proud. Marine for Life/Once A Marine, Always A Marine is true.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 to come in the future. In the meantime, read Tracy’s blog at Real Life as a Marine Wife


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