Marine Day at FedEx Field

Today is Marine Day at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, home to the Washington Redskins.

Marine Day 2008 at Fedex Field (Photo from:

Marine Day 2008 at Fedex Field (Photo from:

According to the Marine Corps website:

The 2d Marine Aircraft Wing Band will perform at the Washington Redskins football game on October 18th at 1pm. The band will perform patriotic selections for the pre-game ceremony as well as the halftime show.

While I do not fancy myself a Redskins fan, rather a Baltimore Ravens fan, I support the Redskins in their efforts to honor the Marine Corps (a branch I hold close to my heart.)

I won’t be able to see the halftime performance because Baltimore is playing today and the local networks don’t broadcast Redskins games. Did anyone see the Marine Corps band play during halftime? I want to hear your thoughts.


2 responses to “Marine Day at FedEx Field

  1. My son was one of the men in the raising of the flag ceremony. However, I live in Montana, and it was not televised here. If there is someone out there who did see the halftime show it would be much appreciated if you could forward it to me. Thank-you!!! Kelly Anderson

  2. LCPL Anderson, Matthew R

    Hailing from Connecticut, I am neither a chiefs nor a redskins fan, however it was amazing to be a part of the Iwo Jima Reenactment flag raising at Sunday’s game at Fedex Field. The 2d Marine Aircraft Wing Band did great … if anyone has photos, or video footage, I would love to see it (its kinda hard to hold a camera when you are raising the American Flag in period uniforms.) đŸ˜‰

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