Some new Twitter friends…

I was Tweeting away on Twitter when I noticed my Followers count was slightly higher than the last time I check. Low and behold, I had a few new military-related followers who have found me before I found them. “Yay,” I thought “this means people are wanting to see what I have to say. People find me interesting and are interested in veterans issues as well.”

…and my community grows.

Introducing my three new Twitter friends:

@iammilitary tweets about everything military. The one thing they’re doing that I have not seen in other Twitterers I follow is they’re Tweeting about military all over the world, like the French military. One Tweet they did that I found extremely interesting was a link to an article from Wired Magazine about PTSD treatment and it’s technological advances into an online forum to help curb the stigma of PTSD.

@TheGoToSite (Real name: MilitaryConnection) tweets about veteran resources, which is beneficial because sometimes veterans may not be aware of everything that is available to them. Their bio includes the short quip “Something for everyone,” which I feel summarizes them quite well.

@TheGoodSoldier is different from all my other veteran-related Twitterers. It’s the Twitter account for a movie currently being screened in very select markets in the United States. The movie asks and answers the question, “What makes a good soldier?” I am quite intrigued and disappointed no screenings are close enough yet for me to attend a screening [as of October 9, 2009,] but as soon as I can sit myself down in front of the film, I will share my experience with all who read this blog.

Add these users to your Twitter list, and, like always, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @heatherbray. I’d love to hear from you. Happy Twittering!


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