Stigmas…now it’s hurting veterans’ pets

Stigmas are something that’s been burning my candle a lot lately, especially now that I read on Twitter the Marine Corps is banning pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf hybrids because of their “aggressive temperament,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Because pit bulls are the dog of choice in dog-fighting, they have been given the stigma of being vicious and blood-thirsty creatures who live only to violently attack humans and other animals. It’s a shame animals who are serving as pets to families living in base housing are being forced out of their homes.

Why are the enlisted the only ones being targeted? A dog bite occurs ever 75 seconds, according to, but I haven’t seen my cousin or friend be forced to let go of their pitbulls.

This feels like the enlisted military are being singled out by higher-ranking officials because they [higher-ranking officials] have  authority over the enlisted.

North County Times in North Carolina offers an explaination for the ban, something I found in no California publication:

The ban is being instituted as a safety measure and comes after a 3-year-old boy was killed by a dog at North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune last year.

Last year. At the minimum ten months ago. So why has it taken so long for this ban to be put into place?

Has the Marine Corps run out of things to take from their enlisted?

The ban on tattoos, and now they’re taking family pets?

Unless, of course, the pet passes a test and is considered a “good dog,” according to North County Times.

The dog in question in the Camp Lejeune attack also attacked a young girl months prior to the latest attack, but one dog attacking people is hardly a cause for pets to be banned from their homes.

This will break the hearts of young children who already have to suffer through their father or mother being deployed into war zones for long periods of time, and now they may be forced to part with the family pet? Sad. Very sad.

What do you think of the ban? Should enlisted be forced to give up their pets or is it an abuse of power on the part of the Marine Corps.


2 responses to “Stigmas…now it’s hurting veterans’ pets

  1. Well, the real issue is that dogs are cute when they’re puppies –but all too often they don’t get the amount of walking and exericise that they need. Hence, you end up with all sorts of behavioral issues in pets that would normally be just fine, but because of inactivity, structure and an assertive (not aggressive) owner, they just run amok.

    As far as the breed –completely depends on the “breeding” of the pet. Some are far more aggressive than others. But like I say, I think most of the issue hinges on an indifferent, untrained an non-assertive owner.

    • Hello Kitchen Dispatch, I appreciate your comment giving me a different opinion on this issue. You’ve provided me with valuable insight and I look forward to future comments from you. I will be following your blog and I hope you continue following mine. Welcome to the blog community 🙂

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