Imposter veteran in Colorado

The Stolen Valor Act makes it a crime to impersonate military personnel, and falsely claim military medals or honors.

A link from @USMCsupporter showed up on my Twitter feed, and answered the very question I posted to my readers on my last blog post:

Has anyone heard of this happening in the United States?

Rick Strandlof was arrested by the FBI for violating this act by claiming he was a a Marine captain and Iraq war veteran, reports, but was doing a lot of work in support of veterans and veterans issues:

The man arrested was Rick Strandlof, who, under the name Rick Duncan, founded the Colorado Veterans Alliance, and was known in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas for his advocacy of veterans issues.

The saddest part of this arrest is the suspect has been doing work in support of veterans and veterans issues.

The article stated Strandoff had a history of psychiatric problems, but does not elaborate on the actual illness.

This is a sad situation, and while I find it offensive he claimed to be both a Marine, and a war veteran, I applaud the work he has done for veterans issues.


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