Former Raven and Iraq veteran’s cause of death revealed

It’s game day here in Baltimore, and this post lends more of  somber tone to the Ravens team as they take on the Bengals.

I am a few days late on reporting the cause of death, but according to a news release published on the Baltimore Ravens’ official website, Tony Fein’s, former Raven linebacker, cause of death has been ruled an apparant suicide, pending a toxicology reports.

The saddest part to his death is the legal issues he was facing were set to be dropped due to “conflicting witnesses statements,” according to the news release.

A positive to this news being revealed is the news release is we were given more information on Fein’s time in the military, where he served as a reconnaissance scout for the United States Army.

Fein fought on the front lines in the battlefield and on the football field.

I’ll be thinking about him during the game today. I’ll be thinking of how he wore that Ravens uniform with pride, and I’ll be thinking of how he worn camouflage for three-and-a-half years.

Who is everyone cheering for in today and tonight’ games? Ravens? Bengals? How ’bout them Cowboys?


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