Fake veterans exposed

How low do you have to be as a person to pass yourself off as a war veteran when you never served in the military?

According to The Brisbane Times, The Veterans Affairs Department is investigating five more cases of veteran fraud.

Two of the five cases are being investigated because the suspects were attempting to claim war pensions and were investigated as possible fraud.

Only one of the five is named in the article, Rex Crane, the former head of a prisoner-of-war association who defrauded almost $400,000 in war service pensions.

Further description of Rex Crane is provided in the article:

Mr Crane, 83, was the national president of the Ex-PoW Association of Australia and for more than two decades claimed he had been imprisoned in Singapore and had survived the Thailand-Burma railway. He was exposed by the Herald this month.

The article where Crane was exposed as a fake called the situation a “betrayal of all veterans,” and that is exactly what I feel it is. War veterans put their lives on the line to earn the title of “war veteran,” and the fact five persons in Australia are posing as war veterans makes me sick.

It’s a shame there are people in this world who try to defraud money from the government by posing as war veterans.

Has anyone heard of this happening in the United States? What do you all feel about this?


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