A event worth missing my class for…

This event came to me, literally. In my Writing For New Media classI am known as “that girl who is all about veterans,” and I am proud of that title. Before class on Thursday a classmate told me an organization she is involved in on my campus at Towson University is holding an event I would be interested in attending for my blog.

I am excited that people recognize my passion and are willing to reach out and help me feed my blog.

Tracy Miller, a mother of a deceased Corporal in the United States Marine Corps killed in Iraq, will be speaking about her personal experience with war and the loss of her son, Nick Ziolkowski. Miller is an activist for veterans rights, and testified in Annapolis in support of a bill for veterans rights, which was passed and signed into legislation.

The event, hosted by the Muslim Students’ Association, is called “The Real Cost of War…In Limbs and Lives,” and is scheduled for Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. in Linthicum Hall. There is no fee for attending the speaker, so I encourage anyone passionate or simply intrigued in veterans issues to attend. It will be educational for all involved.

I will definitely be attending. Thanks Hadear Abdou!

Flyer for "The Real Cost of War...In Lives and Limbs"

Flyer for "The Real Cost of War...In Lives and Limbs"


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