Mourning a vet close to my hometown’s heart…

I’m from Baltimore, which is home to many things: Domino Sugar, National Bohemian beer, and the Baltimore Ravens.

Today Baltimore mourns a loss of a past Raven and Iraq War veteran:  Tony Fein.

Tony Fein as a Baltimore Raven (Photo from:

Tony Fein as a Baltimore Raven (Photo from:

News of Fein’s death first came across my Twitter feed via @JamisonHensley, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun.

According to a story published in the Baltimore Sun, Fein was found unconscious at approximately 8:50 Tuesday morning in Port Orchard, and was pronounced dead at a local hospital an hour later.

In addition to be a former Baltimore Raven, Fein also served in the Persian Gulf, a fact i had to search the internet for more information on because news sources in Baltimore were more wrapped up in the fact he had recently been arrested for assaulting a police officer in what Hensley called a “high profile altercation.”

I have found such is a common occurrence in the death of former veterans who move onto other careers after the military, the news focuses so much on the negative because it brings ratings, and fails to neglect the fact the man or woman fought for this country so the news has free speech.

A news release on about Fein’s death best described the positive changes Fein experienced in the military:

Fein often declined to discuss in much detail his time in Iraq. But he was proud to say how he left home an immature 200-pound high school quarterback and returned from the military as a hard-nosed 245-pound linebacker.

Positive changes ignored by other news outlets because Fein made one mistake and was thrown into a label as a common criminal, when in real life Fein was a veteran and should be mourned as one.

Is anyone else seeing stories regarding veterans in the news where their history as a veteran is overlooked for focus on more “news sensational” details?


One response to “Mourning a vet close to my hometown’s heart…

  1. I thinks it’s awesome that you brought this postitive story to light. I knew he was a war vetern but I’m sure many others did not. Thanks

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