Military Discounts…do veterans have the same rights as active duty?

#MilitaryDiscount is a hashtag topic I’ve seen popping up a lot in my Twitter feed, thanks to @MilitaryAvenue, who has been Tweeting a lot recently about places offering military discounts. While reading Tweets like “Mil family owned garage offers #MilitaryDiscount at Selfridge ANGB 10% off repairs!”, I began to think about what I’ve been seeing in my own life.

Many places are advertising military discounts, but fail to mention fine print about a requirement of active-duty.

I threw this Tweet out this morning  in reply to one of @MilitaryAvenue’s Tweets, “@MilitaryAvenue Are you finding these military discounts apply to veterans as well as active-duty?

The @reply Tweet from @MilitaryAvenue was “@HeatherBray A Partner creates an ad for Active Duty only or to include Vets. A lot of them r reaching out to the veterans (Rightfully so!)

The saying in the Marine Corps is “Once a Marine, Always a Marine,” and it’s a shame establishments feel you’re no longer military once you retire or are discharged.

It is a good thing establishments are reaching out to veterans for military discounts, but I leave you with this final thought, which was also my @reply to @MilitaryAvenue…”It’s good they’re reaching out to vets, but do you think they’re excluding vets by only allowing active duty discounts?

This topic is one I have yet to fully finish and delve into, but I consider this post the jumping off point for a much larger story.

I’d love to hear what you all think/feel about this topic.


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