The Terminator supports our veterans…he didn’t 2 weeks ago.

On September 8th, 2009, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill making March 30th, “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day,” and now on Friday, October 2nd, 2009, he will be signing the bill into effect, according to an article published on

Lawmakers were going to override the governor’s veto and I believe they should have in the first place. California is a home to a large population, many of whom are veterans or current active-duty military, including the largest Marine Corps base, Camp Pendleton. I hope this change-of-heart on the part of Schwarzenegger will begin a trend of more states creating days to honor their veterans’ sacrifices for this country. A simple “thank you” every once and awhile would be greatly appreciated by veterans, something I feel they do not receive quite as often as they are owed.

Some would argue veterans have Veterans Day and “that should be enough,’ but it isn’t because they don’t just fight one day out of the year for this country. Veterans are in the desert, jungle, trenches, mud, rain, snow, and gunfire every day of the year making sure this country has the freedom to veto laws. If the military decided they only wanted to fight a few days out of the year, where would this country be today?

The next time you see someone walking down the street in a uniform, t-shirt indicating military service, or notice a tattoo on someone indicating military service; shake their hand and say “thanks.” They’ll know what you mean and they’ll appreciate it more than those yellow ribbon magnets you bought and slapped on your car.


One response to “The Terminator supports our veterans…he didn’t 2 weeks ago.

  1. We just left California after three years at MCRD San Diego, and Arnold was one of the many recipients of my HAP complaint. To declare a day for anything doesn’t cost the state any money; I can’t believe he would have vetoed it. I wonder if state bills are just like federal bills, and a bunch of wasteful spending was attached.

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