Story Ideas…

I have to conjure up 12 ideas for story topics for this blog…they shall be:

  1. Where did the term “Honorable Discharge” go on some service records and DD-214s?
  2. Veterans were promised G.I. Bill benefits when they enlisted, but are being denied now?
  3. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)…has it changed since Vietnam?
  4. Guest blogging by veterans
  5. Veterans being disrespected by antiwar protesters
  6. V.A. covers all medical costs post-discharge, right? Wrong.
  7. Comparison of reenlistment statistics present-day versus Vietnam
  8. Flaws on military records effecting post-service employment
  9. Special Veteran’s Day reflective
  10. Veterans supporting or protesting the war
  11. Veterans lobbying for withdrawl from foreign land
  12. Veterans who are making a different for veterans

I posted a status to my Facebook account “What are some good ideas for stories about veterans?” and received some good suggestions from my Facebook friends:

  1. How serving changed their life (possible guest blogger)
  2. How some veterans remember their time in service (possible guest blogger)

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